Founded over 140 years ago, we are a Bible teaching ministry.  Under the leadership of Dr. W. Randolph Rylander,

 New Mount Olive is a close knit family of caring, concerned Christians, committed to biblical study,

worshipping in spirit and in truth, and aggressively going forth to spread the Gospel.


The Ministry of Music

Mr. Frank Nelson at organ Mr. Frank A. Nelson is a native of Newport News, Virginia. He attended Virginia Union University School of Theology majoring in Sacred Music. Bro. Nelson is an accomplished composer and arranger, and currently is serving on the executive board of the Choir Directors/Organist Guild of the Hampton Roads Ministers Conference. He is constantly striving toward his objective to meet greater challenges, to support the needs of the Church Minstry, and to enhance the growth of Christianity through music. Bro. Nelson's motto comes from Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."


Music Staff

Back Row: DeAngelo Riddick, Drums; Ronald Brooks, Base; Jewel Cheatham, Saxaphone; and Aaron Frasier, Base. Front Row: Junius Harris, Keyboard & Lead Guitar; Frank Nelson,  Min. of Music, Organ and Piano; Bill Hickmann, Organist; and Milton Williams, Base.


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