Founded over 140 years ago, we are a Bible teaching ministry.  Under the leadership of Dr. W. Randolph Rylander,

 New Mount Olive is a close knit family of caring, concerned Christians, committed to biblical study,

worshipping in spirit and in truth, and aggressively going forth to spread the Gospel.


Youth Ministry


To develop the youth spiritually
A.    To develop and implement lessons to help youth understand the overall goals of the church - mission and evangelism
B.    To help the student gain an understanding and appreciation of helping others by participating in mission work of the church as well as youth sponsored outreach projects.
C.      To instill in youth the importance of acknowledging the goodness of God throulgh prayer, praise and witnessing.
D.    To foster the development of leadership qualities in our youth through active participation in church, school and community activities. 

To develop the youth academically
A.    To encourage youth to work to their academic potential.
B.    To make youth aware of the advantages and opportunities of a quality eduucation
C.    To develop a means oto encourage parents to become actively involved in the educational process.
D.    To help youth and parents become aware of necessay preparations for college entrance.
E.    To help yourh in satisfactorily mastering skills in academic courses and SOL's by offering tutorial services.

To develop the youth socially
A.    To help youth develop socially according to the Word of God.
B.    To assist youth in developing and maintaining Christian relationships with God, family, friends and others.

The Youth Ministry meets each 3rd Saturday from 9:30am until 10:30am unless otherwise announced. The 4th Sunday of each month is Youth Sunday where the youth serve as worship leaders.



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