Founded over 140 years ago, we are a Bible teaching ministry.  Under the leadership of Dr. W. Randolph Rylander,

 New Mount Olive is a close knit family of caring, concerned Christians, committed to biblical study,

worshipping in spirit and in truth, and aggressively going forth to spread the Gospel.



Bible Study is taught by the Pastor.  Members are encouraged to do research and study ahead of time, so that they can actively participate.  There are study questions handed out in the beginning of Advent, Lent and Halloween. Each year some old questions are dropped and new questions are added.  This enables the seasoned members to  have new work to study, and allows the newer members to catch up on the older information.  Bible Study is held on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm.

The Evangelism Class is also taught by the Pastor.  The purpose of this class is to teach us how to effictively share the Word of God.  The class was originally scheduled to run eighteen weeks.  However, due to the ethusiasm of the members of the class, it usually goes a little longer.  The class is held in the sanctuary due to it's size.  Many who takes the class repeat it at least two more times to be sure that they have not missed any information.

The Family Class is designed to strengthen family unity, increase our understanding of God's purpose for us, and provide some wholesome activities that the entire family can enjoy.  We explore family values on divorce, school and life in general.  Our goal is to have interactive participation, bibical learning and to have fun.  Come join us on the first Friday of each month at 7pm.

The Singles and Couples Ministries are not social clubs.  The Singles Ministry studies the accomplishments of single people in the Bible and how God used them.  The Couples Ministry studies how to have a godly relationship with your spouse.  These ministries also spearhead the "First Plate" program at Thanksgiving and Christmas, in which members of New Mount Olive donate the first plate from their table to feed the hungry.  Many do not only bring their first plate, they bring enough to feed several people.

The New Covenant Class is conducted by the Diaconate Board and runs for four consecutive weeks.  Each new members gets a tour of the Church and meets the administrative staff and official board.  They are instructed on personal stewardship, the Church Covenant and Church doctrines.  Members are also introduced to ministry representatives who come and tell about their ministry and encourage the new member to join and take an active part.




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