Founded over 140 years ago, we are a Bible teaching ministry.  Under the leadership of Dr. W. Randolph Rylander,

 New Mount Olive is a close knit family of caring, concerned Christians, committed to biblical study,

worshipping in spirit and in truth, and aggressively going forth to spread the Gospel.



The Music Ministry and the Sound Ministry are essential to the Worship services, the Bible Study and the classes at New Mount Olive, and accompany the Pastor when he goes on outside engagements.

The Crusaders were established to go forth regularly to spread the gospel in an ever widening area.  They have also undertaken the task of contacting each new member immediately after they join New Mount Olive to welcome them and present the plan of salvation.  They provide an important link between the new member and the Church, and can either provide answers to any questions the new member may have, or direct them to someone who can.  In order to become a member of the Crusaders, you have to had successfully completed the Evangelism Class.

The Medical Ministry consists totally of professional health care providers who have pledged to tithe a tenth of their time to the ministry at New Mount Olive.  They are present at all worship experiences, Bible Study, Evangelism Class and anytime the Church membership gathers.

The Pastor's Aide is a servant ministry that works behind the scene to provide the support needed to the Pastor and first family, whether it be in the form of prayer, encouragement through words or other actions that show their love and gratitude.  They also minister to visiting ministers and their families.

The purpose of the Praise Dance Ministry is to glorify God through expression and movement, so that they may bless and encourage others, and be blessed also.  Their primary purpose is to praise and worship Jesus, not to entertain the congregation, but to offer up a sacrifice of praise and worship to the Lord.

The purpose of the Young At Heart Ministry is to meet the spiritual, emotional and social needs of seniors aged 55 and above.  They provide spiritual enrichment, learning opportunities, ministry through service and building of friendship with each other.  Activities include cookouts, bus rides and Church projects.

The Singles and Couples Ministries are not social clubs.  The Singles Ministry studies the accomplishments of single people in the Bible and how God used them.  The Couples Ministry studies how to have a godly relationship with your spouse.  These ministries also spearhead the "First Plate" program at Thanksgiving and Christmas, in which members of New Mount Olive donate the first plate from their table to feed the hungry.  Many do not only bring their first plate, they bring enough to feed several people.

The Youth Ministry is also very active.  Youth Ministry members attend class twice a month.  They also have outings such as bowling, skating, lock-ins and pizza parties.  These outings teach our young Christains how to fellowship with one another.  The Pastor also encourages our youth to participate in Bible Study on Wednesday nights.  In addition, the Pastor checks the report cards of all youth so we can arrange assistance to any who may need it.

The 3M Ministry teaches all men to be well versed in all aspects within the Body of Christ, the Church. The Men are to be Christian leaders and promote brotherly love.  The Ministry assists men in their spiritual growth through the teaching of God's Word. The Meals provide resources to assist the Church in "providing food for the hungry".

In addition to heading the food and clothing drives, the Missionary Ministry also attends class each month. They are responsible for maintaining the food pantry and assembling food baskets when needed.

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